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More schools embrace the new normal by implementing e-learning

Education is proving to be one of the sectors hardest hit by CoVID-19. And one of the solutions to help schools achieve their learning goals despite the pandemic is e-learning.

In this transition to enable students to learn from their homes, schools are realizing that there are more aspects to prepare for when undertaking e-Learning.

Genyo e-Learning, Diwa Learning Systems Inc’s flagship learning management system, has been introducing schools to anytime, anywhere learning since 2004. These schools are appreciative of the headway they are experiencing with Genyo as an education partner.

Even prior to the pandemic, Genyo schools have been smoothly implementing blended learning, where students’ learning experiences are a mix of face-to-face and online.

Jocelyn B. Barbosa, the Junior High School Assistant Principal of Padre Vicente Garcia Memorial Academy, attests to the benefits of Genyo e-Learning as their chosen tool for blended learning. “Ready-made lessons and tutorials therein ease and augment my daily preparation for level-up teaching. These benefit not only me as the teacher but more so the students who, through my use of Genyo Lesson Bank for them and with them, we find learning fun and engaging,” she states.

Genyo e-Learning guides schools on how to transition to e-learning through three different aspects: content, systems, and training. 

Students gain access to ready-made content which includes curriculum-based resources in the five core subjects for Grades 1-10. With online tutorials, students can go about learning at their own pace. 

Teachers are able to instantly see their students’ progress and to monitor performance. 

Diwa facilitates webinars and face-to-face training programs throughout the school year, enabling teachers, students, and parents to utilize Genyo e-Learning the best way they can.  

The Department of Education (DepEd) has announced that classes will continue on August 24 this year and acknowledged that distance learning will be the new normal for some. DepEd is looking to provide schools with a guide as to how to go about the Learning Continuity Plan (LCP). 

It added that schools may choose the appropriate alternative learning delivery methods which will best fit the context and/or health situation in their community.

As parents gear up for enrollment, they get increasingly anxious about the COVID-19 situation and its impact on their kids’ education. The online method eases their anxieties.

The Colegio de San Francisco Javier in Palompon, Leyte currently encourages students to enroll, confident of the advantages the Genyo e-Learning will provide their students and teachers. The school also added that tuition fees for the coming school year will be lowered and adjusted accordingly.

Governments across the world have enacted varying sets of rules and restrictions to enable schools to open while combating the virus. Today’s classrooms are reimagining methods to adapt to the times.

According to the World Economic Forum, a student is able to retain 25-60% more material through e-learning as compared to just 8-10% in the classroom. Studies suggest that students are able to learn faster online as they can learn topics at their own pace. Countries like the United Arab Emirates are preparing to implement e-learning until 2021 with different preparation plans in place. Community colleges in California, meanwhile, announced that classes will be done remotely with their faculty adapting and learning new skills for e-learning.

As these take place, educational institutions are more aware of the importance of planning ahead and preparing contingency plans in the event of class disruptions.

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