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AirAsia wins best in-flight meal for Santan menu

AirAsia’s in-flight food brand, Santan, has been awarded the best in-flight meal for 2019 by Sunstar’s Best of Cebu. Now in its seventh year, the award highlights the best gastronomic experiences and lifestyle brands of the city.

This year, Sunstar’s Best of Cebu cited AirAsia as the best in-flight meal, citing its variety of options, which include Asian, international, and vegetarian dishes. Santan celebrates the rich diversity of Asean flavors with its extensive menu.

AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla said, “We are grateful for the accolade given to us by Sunstar. As the best low-cost carrier in the world, we are proud to say that our appetizing in-flight menu offers a delightful dining experience that brings together the diverse flavors of Asean. We will continue to try to satisfy our guests’ palates with meals that do not have to be served on a silver platter.”

AirAsia’s award-winning Santan menu offers an extensive variety of in-flight meals for guests to choose from both onboard and via online pre-booking. These include freshly prepared savory hot meals, delicious snacks and options such as sandwiches and desserts personalized for travelers flying across AirAsia’s extensive network.

Among the favorites from the Santan in-flight menu are Asean-inspired rice meals, such as the Filipino favorite Beef Tapa with Scrambled Egg, Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice, and Chicken Teriyaki with Rice.

The complete in-flight menu can be accessed on the in-flight meals section on Click on the menu for Z2 flights for the meals provided by AirAsia Philippines. 

Santan meals are available for pre-booking via My Bookings on Pre-booking provides guests with cheaper-than-airport prices at 46% off, a choice of water or coffee as a beverage, a wider variety of meals, and priority meal deliveryonboard.

AirAsia’s in-flight meals are also now available on-ground with the recent opening of its flagship restaurant at the Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Santan fast food chain is expected to expand throughout Asean in the next three to five years.

Guests can expect new and exciting in-flight meals to come, marking a fresh dining experience in the air this coming year.

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