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Express yourself through scent-layering

Poets have long written about the power of scent and fragrance, how they evoke memories and create lasting impressions. For a truly unique, signature scent, layering is recommended by almost every perfumer in the world. The idea is not for another to be able to identify your perfume, quite the opposite — the more mysterious the fragrance, the better.

Solinotes Paris is a brand that allows the wearer to layer as many scents as possible, offering guidance on which scents to mix, as well. As it celebrates its anniversary in the Philippines, the brand introduces three new perfumes to create your signature scent with.

Solinotes White Tea EDP
Delicately scented with Bergamot and Cardamom, this new perfume will definitely ignite your senses in every way. Its interpretation of White Tea with base notes of Osmanthus and White Musk reveals a timeless floral fragrance that’s irresistible and wearable on any occasion. Mix with Solinotes Yuzu EDP for an added hint of tea and zest to unleash a unique
aromatic perfume.

Solinotes Yuzu EDP
Add a citrusy aroma on your skin with top notes of Lemon and Bergamot that’s sure to make you smell clean as if fresh out of the shower. Let the scent of White Flowers and Tangerine develop into your skin accompanied by base notes of Patchouli and Oak Moss that purely emanates a zest of fresh air on a bright and sunny day. Blend it with Solinotes Pomelo EDP to bring out a fresh and fruity scent that dries down warm and opulent.

Solinotes Cherry Blossom EDP
Give in to your Sakura obsession and spritz a vibrant fragrance of tender spring notes that’s sweet as Cherry and Red Berries. Enhanced by invigorating notes of Lemon, Mandarin and Cardamom, this perfume is the perfect accomplice for a comfortable and warm vibe. Its base notes of Musk and Apple linger on your skin, but will never overpower. Best mixed with
Solinotes Jasmin EDP to create a floral yet musky scent flaunting a sensual fragrance.

* * *

Solinotes Paris is available in EDP Spray Bottles at P765.00 each in leading department stores nationwide. Exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation.

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