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6 skincare routines for men with different skin types

It’s 2019 and skincare is not just for women. We can talk all we want about men’s skin being thicker and therefore more resilient, or tolerant of stronger products, but at the end of the day, what works works. Here are 5 men with various skin types and their daily skincare routines.

SHERNAN PLAMERAS, 33, dry and sensitive skin

“I have eczema so moisturizer is my best friend.”

IG: @shernanplrms

MORNING: I use Eucerin gentle hydrating facial wash. Most days, I skip toner and straight to moisturizer (Bioderma ultra- nourishing balm). I apply doctor-recommended hydrocortisone cream on days that the eczema is bad, and then very light application of IT Cosmetics CC+ cream. On weekends (for events), or when I have extra time on workdays, I use hydra-gel eye patch from Peter Thomas Roth. The cucumber detox is the best!

NIGHT: I use soy face cleanser from Fresh, serum (currently trying Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution from The Body Shop), then an extra generous application of the Bioderma balm I also use in the morning. For the lips, I use Vaseline Lip Therapy.

FAVORITE PRODUCTS: My sensitive skin loves Bioderma moisturizer, eye gel patches from Peter Thomas Roth — they instantly makes my under eyes look a lot better, especially on the morning after a nightout lol, and lip balm (no specific product but I currently loving the super tiny Vaseline lip therapy).

JOHN LOZANO, 33, very dry skin

“I wash my face with Cetaphil without water.”

IG: @johnlozano10

MORNING: I wash my face with Cetaphil, but I apply it on my face without water and then wipe it with a soft cloth. I do this so that there’s a layer of Cetaphil left for hydration. Washing my face with soap and water dries it more. Then I finish with a hydrating mist and toner.

NIGHT: It’s the same for night, except sometimes I put a sleeping mask or moisturizer if I need extra glow the next day.

FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Cetaphil, Skin Doctors Moisturizer, Sooae Hydrating Spray and Toner.

ARIS AQUINO, 40, oily skin

“I use oil-control facial wash every morning.”

IG: @aris__aquino

MORNING AND NIGHT: My routine is very simple. I was my face with an oil-control facial wash every morning, and do the same at night. Before going to bed, I apply moisturizer.

FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Nivea Men facial wash, Cetaphil, Kiehl’s moisturizer

PAOLO CHUA, 26, combination skin

“I use a heavy night oil/serum so that I wake up refreshed.

IG: @paolochua

MORNING AND EVENING: As a guy, I like to keep it simple and this rings true especially in the morning. I like to use light moisturizer, and depending on how my skin is I choose between a serum or cloud cream. When I get home is really when my routine starts: I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and follow with an alcohol-free toner. I then use a heavy night oil/serum so that I wake up refreshed.

FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Mario Badescu Drying Mask, Perricone MD Hydrating Cloud Cream, and ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser

RIONE PALACIOS, 35, combination skin

IG: @le_skinny_bitch

MORNING: I cleanse, put sunblock, use moisturiser (Clinique), apply eye cream (Nars) before stepping out.

NIGHT: I cleanse, use a toner, apply moisturiser, put on my eye cream and lip serum. Once or twice a week, I use a face mask.

FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Nars eye cream, Clinique moisturizer, and Nars concealer

RYAN WONG, 40, oily skin

“I double-cleanse with cleansing oil and facial wash.”

IG: @ryan_g_wong

MORNING: I cleanse my face with facial wash, then I apply toner, eye cream, and SPF.

NIGHT: I double-cleanse with a cleansing oil and facial wash. After my toner, I apply an anti-acne treatment, eye cream, and moisturizer.

FAVORITE PRODUCTS: The Ordinary Caffeine Solution eye serum, The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Serum, and BeauteDerm anti-acne system.

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