These Golden Globes ‘grams are better than red carpet photos

In the aftermath of any awards show, us onlookers are left with a trail of stunning red carpet photos that make celebrities look exactly like what we make of them: larger than life, gods and goddesses among humankind. On Instagram, it’s another story. A more interesting one, TBH. These ‘grams from our GG faves prove that they’re human — they get excited, drunk, and pose on balconies.

Here’s Lady Gaga, über casual on a balcony. We’re guessing the dress is too big for the actual room?

Again, on a balcony. What’s good, Lupita? The lighting is, for sure.

Only someone with nothing to prove would post this. Julia Roberts, queen of social media relatability.

Lili Reinhart wins best caption, and friendliest boobs.

We want to be friends with Jameela Jamil.

Stars get starstruck, too. Also, way to go @beccagibson05. Stay safe.

Okay, Gemma Chan. Stop it. You’re making us jealous.

This closeup is EVERYTHING.

Up your elevator selfie game, people. This sets the benchmark pretty high.


Claire Foy doesn’t have an Instagram but somebody posted this and we are grateful. #Kween

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