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Choosing where to eat? How to always make a good choice

After a hard day’s work, we naturally look for something to reward ourselves with. We are literally hungry for good food and a place where one can recharge, refresh, and just unwind. With the busy schedules that allow mere slivers of time to eat, and the many new food trends out there that may be tempting to try, how do we make sure we are making a good choice — one that will leave us happy and satisfied?
Go where there’s good memories
Like fashion, food trends come and go. Fads are cause for a lot of excitement. The thrill of being one of the first to try something is enough to have people waiting in mile-long lines for hours. However, a trendy dish can get old quickly, and often, once we have tried it out of curiosity, we don’t really go out of our way to try it again.It’s different for dishes that we consider comfort food and that we keep going back to time and
again. We are drawn toward what’s familiar, especially if they bring back happy memories and emotions. This is especially true for food.

Pancake House Classic Pancakes

Choose feel-good dishes
There are a lot of food trends that become popular, filling our Instagram feeds because of their photogenic presentations. They may have the wow-factor in looks, but how about the taste? A pretty picture does not always make a delicious dish. How to avoid disappointment? Go for the classic, the tried-and- tested, the no-fail feel-good dishes! Pancake House has been around since the 1970s and has been serving deliciously filling meals year after year. Pancake House is known for its fluffy and delectable pancakes, and so much more.

House Specials Set
Golden Brown Waffle
Best taco in town

Offering an array of comfort food that many have grown up with, from Filipino breakfast fare to soups, salads, main courses, and special sets — Pancake House has something for every one — with a menu of great dishes to choose from that it does not ever become boring. When it comes to flavors and that homey, feel-good experience, you can never go wrong with Pancake House. #AlwaysAGoodChoice
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