Artist Philippe Baudelocque draws mythical creatures for Diptyque

Philippe Baudelocque loves drawing constellations that add up to majestic animal illustrations. For his latest project, he teams up with Diptyque and creates something three times as magical, by drawing mythical beasts for the brand’s holiday collection. For the first time, the artist depicts three mythological creatures: a Phoenix, a Dragon and a Unicorn, each of which have given its name to a constellation.

THE UNICORN — Diptyque Frosted Forest

Traditionally associated with the color green, the Unicorn brings to mind Medieval mythology’s enchanted, evanescent forests and the exhilarating aroma of majestic pine tree-lined paths. The precious, one-of-a- kind scent of Hinoki wood laced with the warm notes of resin reminds us that its horn was reserved exclusively for kings because it was believed to have supernatural powers. Pine needles, Hinoki wood and mint nestle together to create the rare redolence of a vast frosty forest.

THE DRAGON — Diptyque Fiery Orange

The cosmic Dragon gives off both light and warmth. Half bird, half snake, it inspired diptyque to create a woody fragrance that’s sweetened with sizzling orange rind as if tossed into the flames. Italian citrus fruits give the woody base a bright, sunny twist. Cozy spices provide the finishing touch to make this unique redolence both vivid and warm. Like this fabulous creature who is as at home on Earth as it is in the heavens, this fragrance is anchored in smoky wood but soars into the pale blue skies, sheathed in tangy orange fruit flavors.

THE PHOENIX — Diptyque Incense Tears

A mythical bird whose origins have been lost since the beginning of time, the Phoenix is the archetype of the perfect creature. one of a kind, it is born and reborn of its ashes like magic. According to ovide’s Metamorphoses, when it reaches 500 years old, the Phoenix builds a nest with Laurel leaves and Spicenard twigs, Cinnamon and Myrrh.  What other mythical creature could have inspired Diptyque to create such a captivating combination of frankincense and Myrrh wrapped in vibrant Cinnamon? The candle’s blue evokes the heavens, as well as the immortality of this amazing animal who is believed to be able to read people’s hearts

Available at Diptyque boutiques.

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