MAC just released the Myers-Briggs of makeup palettes — which one are you?

MAC just tapped love for horoscopes, animal signs and personality tests and created makeup palettes that cater to our deepest, most embarassing personality types, turning our obsession into a full-fledged narcissist’s dream. I take it as a good and totally genius move, as we have all struggled with palettes that only have one or two useful shades before. It’s like makeup companies have been trying to cheat us into using electric blue eyeshadow forever — well guess what, makeup companies? We’re only going to use them if they are in agreement with our personal brand.

What MAC GIRLS has done is capture the essence of 6 different kinds of women in 6 palettes: Basic Bitch, Prissy Princess, Rockin’ Rebel, Fashion Fanatic, Power Hungry and Mischief Minx. What, no Sunset Boulevard? The ironic names are a bonus. Basic Bitch will sell like Starbucks Lattes. The palette is gorgeous.

The collection will be available starting October 2017 at all MAC boutiques. 

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