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What smart travelers don’t show you on Instagram

Let’s face it: traveling smart isn’t very photogenic. The recommended flight attire, for instance, is not a flowy, super comfortable and OOTD-worthy maxi dress (it’s not yoga pants either — apparently they are made of material that catch fire easily). It’s comfortable, non-fire hazard pants, a fitted long sleeved shirt, and shoes that you can run in but don’t have laces that might snag onto seats or get stepped on. Tough, huh?

What all smart travelers don’t show on their Instagram feeds is more important than their OOTDs. These travel veterans pack light and smart, and always carry things that are multi-purpose.

Now every packing nut knows that rolling up clothes instead of stacking them folded takes up less space — but how do you keep them from unraveling? You can either use elastic hair ties, or these Lewis & Clark Packing Cubes. Travel bags have to be internally segregated into well thought-out portions meant to accommodate specific items. This level of organization makes any trip all the more easier, especially with the help of packing cubes in all sizes possible. Lewis & Clark has several sizes of lightweight, expandable packing cubes that will make arranging travel items a cinch. Featuring multiple colors and durable silnylon, a synthetic fabric that’s both water and stain-resistant it’s essential for mobile and rough adventuring. Mesh panels make its contents easily identifiable and properly ventilated. Packing cubes also make small electronics intact and clothing wrinkle-free.

Electrolight Packing Cube Set, 2-pack P1,850
Electrolight Micro Packing Cube P490


Smart travelers are always aware of their surroundings. They trust no one and neither should you! The best way to keep all your belongings safe is to keep them close to you — but not if you’re going to carry them in an open tote with zero safety features. Lewis & Clark’s collection of mini-stashes has built-in RFID blockers to store important documents in without the fear of identity theft. Waist stashes, neck stashes, and document organizers come with adjustable straps to fit any traveler’s comfort, with multi-pockets to store different kinds of documents in an orderly manner. Made with TravelDry fabric, these stashes resist moisture, shrinking, dust and mildew, made to withstand the harshest travel environments while keeping your private documents all to yourself.



RFID Blocking Document Organizer P1,100

The environmentally conscious traveler doesn’t like using plastic bottles (neither does the health savvy one). They like to carry their own beverage containers that don’t only minimize their carbon footprint, but also keep their cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

Espro taps into the promising niche of coffee and tea-loving travellers with portable coffee and tea travel presses that one can bring during their adventures. It’s an award-winning new product that’s gained the confidence of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Coffeefest in Chicago.

Wanderers need not settle for mediocre brews as they can press their caffeine of choice. Espro’s patented double filter separates the grit from the cup, taste levels are controlled as the press stops extraction, and the paper filter press coffee option makes you have pour-over style coffee even on the go. Most importantly, its stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulator and leak proof lid makes you have your designer coffee even as you traverse the deep trenches of inaccessibly exotic locales.

Espro Coffee & Tea Travel Press, P2,890

Or you can bring this Hydrapak collapsible water bottle. Stash bottles are extremely easy to open and close, with an integrated bail-handle that makes it a cinch to fill and clean. From camping trips to mountain hikes to walking tours around the city, it’s a cool water gadget that is as fun as it is functional.

Blue Stash, P1190

* * *

Lewis & Clark, Espro and Hydrapak are available in all Urbanize stores. Urbanize is located in Gateway Mall, Shangri-La Plaza, U.P. Town Centre, Glorietta 3, Uptown Mall BGC, Alabang Town Centre and Kiss & Fly in NAIA 3. It is also available in Soledad Nuvali, Serin, and The District in Cavite.

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