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Chef JP Anglo explores the surf spots and makes surf cuisine in ‘Hungry with Chef JP’

Surfing, cooking, and eating mix well together as Chef JP Anglo proved it with the successful run of his first season of Hungry with Chef JP, conceptualized and produced by local film company Seabiscuit Films. This time around, Chef JP surfs up his show onto a higher wave of culinary discoveries. The second season hopes to explore more food adventures in the different surfing spots of the Philippines!

For starters, Hungry with Chef JP is a documentary series about rich Filipino cuisine and the active surfing community in the country. Each episode features the surfing hotspots in the Philippines as Chef JP explores the area’s unique cuisine. With Filipinos’ penchant for surfing, the show pays tribute to it and captures the essence of the surfing lifestyle. Surfing isn’t limited to chasing waves and the adrenaline rush that comes with it. It is about belongingness and sharing experiences with the community. “You’re out in the middle of the water — waiting for sets, catching waves with your friends. You surf together and when you ride that wave and they see it, it’s a bond you share and something to talk about forever,” shared by Chef JP Anglo in one of the episodes.

The second season delves into the stories of different artisans and individuals living uniquely. It’s important for the viewers to see how these people are living and to be inspired by their stories. “What makes this show different from the other shows is that it gives a glimpse of the lives of the local community within various surf spots. We wanted to feature locals making a difference either in food or in helping the community thrive. At the same time, we want to show how Chef JP shares his skills and knowledge with the people he connects with and show how he learns from their techniques and unique practices,” shared by Nicky Daez, Seabiscuit Films content creator and director.

Tune it to CNN Philippines every Saturday, 7:30 PM to catch Hungry with Chef JP and watch the replays on Tuesday; 12:30 PM, Friday; 4:30 PM, Sunday; 1:00 PM.

For information, visit and follow @seabiscuitfilms on Instagram and Twitter.

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