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Jewelry designer Tim Tam Ong’s latest collection inspires wonder

Tim Tam Ong’s latest collection, “Wonderland,” is charged with positivity and a kind of magic. As always, her pieces are dreamy and one-of-a-kind — this stems from the designer’s love for telling stories through gemstones, bending and binding them into wearable art that speak for themselves.

This concept of a “haven” is beautifully and poignantly explained in a short narration that inspired the collection. The story tells the account of a little girl who followed a golden butterfly to a place called Wonderland. Here, she finds happiness and courage — knowing that she could always go back to this place. The enchanting collection brings to life the spellbinding place that the little girl went to, containing images of a butterfly, flowers and leaves. The gemstones, on the other hand, mimic the colors that were swirling in Wonderland’s sky.
“It’s a collection that captures the imagination, hope and peacefulness that a
child possesses. Italso captures the beauty of inner peace. I hope that the pieces give its wearers the same happiness — or even more — that it gives me,” Tim Tam Ong shares.
Tim Tam Ong is located at LRI Design Plaza.

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1 comment on “Jewelry designer Tim Tam Ong’s latest collection inspires wonder

  1. AmoyLily

    These earrings are gorgeous! I like the concept and idea of this design. Fashion, design, and contemporary art.


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