Coldplay announces Kaleidoscope EP release

Earlier today, Coldplay announced the June 2 release of their five-track Kaleidoscope EP, together with the surprise release of a brand new song from the EP, Hypnotised.

Hypnotised’s release coincides with Chris’s birthday. Click here to watch the song’s lyric video, which was directed by Mary Wigmore. Hypnotised is also available now at download and streaming sites.

The EP will include the following tracks:


1- All I Can Think About Is You
2- Something Just Like This (feat. The Chainsmokers)
3- Miracles 2
4- A L I E N S
5- Hypnotised


7 comments on “Coldplay announces Kaleidoscope EP release

  1. julianarde

    What do you think of the track?


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