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Who, what, when: Complete schedule of Art Fair Philippines Talks

Ingrained in Art Fair Philippines 2017’s mission is the development of audiences for contemporary art. ArtFairPh/Talks features daily talks presented in partnership with the Ateneo Art Gallery and Museum Foundation of the Philippines.

ArtFairPh/Talks are free of charge for all fair ticketholders. Due to limited seating capacity, we encourage advance reservations. Email at least two days before.

DAY ONE • Thursday • Feb. 16, 2017 – “Directions in Contemporary Art”

Photo credit Miguel Coll

1:00 PM • Focus on Photography

3:00 PM • Ferran Barenblit, Director, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelon (MACBA)

Argentina-born curator talks about the role of the museum and contemporary art in fostering critical thinking and serving as a platform for open discussion in a multi-cultural city like Barcelona.

5:00 PM • Artist Talk: James Nares

The practice of British-born, New York based artist James Nares spans the breadth of painting to video linked by an enduring concern for capturing rhythm, time and movement. Featured in this year’s art fair is his video installation Street, which is a dreamlike moving image that captures the activity on an ordinary street in Brooklyn. The video installation will be at Ayala Tower One and Exchange Plaza in front of Ayala Triangle Gardens.

7:00 PM• Lost Frames in Art Fair Philippines 2017

DAY 2 • Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 – “Artworlds”


1:00 PM • Publishing Art Books

Much material about art can be accessed online and in magazines, but books focused on a particular artist, movement or art scene provide depth and insight that single articles cannot. The thought and consideration given to every photograph, every perspective and the amount of time and energy the authors, editors and publishers expend on art books allow readers to immerse themselves in a subject. The talk features a conversation between Ringo Bunoan (visual artist, curator, co-founder, editor, Roberto Chabet) and Eva McGovern (curator, and managing editor of No Chaos No Party: 28 Artists in Metro Manila)

3:00 pm • Curating Across Asia

5:00 PM • A Conversation with Art Sociologist Dr. Sarah Thornton

Renowned writer and art sociologist Dr. Sarah Thornton will share her insights into the globalised art world, her observations on meaningful artistic practice today, and why art still matters. After decades studying the art ecology—including spending time with hundreds of artists with international careers—she will talk about her research and her books with art critic and Asia Art Archive head of development Alexandra A Seno. Dr Thornton is the author of international bestsellers Seven Days in the Art World and 33 Artists in Three Acts.

7:00 PM • Lost Frames in Art Fair Philippines 2017


DAY THREE • Saturday • Feb. 18, 2017 – “Art Practices”


11:00 AM  • Prof. Ambeth R. Ocampo on Arturo Luz

Philippine National Artist for Visual Arts Arturo Luz (b.1926) has had an artistic career spanning more than half a century. Named National Artist in 1997, he began his career with figurative works then went on to explore other modes of abstraction and stylized figuration in paintings, sculpture, photographs and collages. Ocampo, curator of the exhibition currently at the Ateneo Art Gallery luz@90 will look at the practice of this giant in Philippine art.

1:00 PM • Collective Practice

In the 1990s, Elmer Borlongan, Emmanuel Garibay and Mark Justiniani were part of several artist collectives : ABAY (Artista ng Bayan), Salingpusa and Sanggawa. These groups explored the collaborative process in art making and their subjects reflected the political and social conditions of the times. Since then they have gone on to forge very successful individual careers but 25 years later, they have come together again to do a project for Art Fair Philippines. This talk will give audiences an insight into past and current practices.

3:00 pm • Artists’ Talk: Agnes Arellano and Jose Tence Ruiz

Sculptor Agnes Arellano and multi-media artist Jose Tence Ruiz talk about their work, their process and their vision including their projects for Art Fair Philippines.

5:00 PM • Lost Frames in Art Fair Philippines 2017


DAY FOUR • Sunday • Feb. 19, 2017 – “Philippine Contemporary Art: In Museums, Biennials and the Community”


11:00 am • Tony Godfrey on Masterpieces in Contemporary Art

Has anyone see a masterpiece of contemporary art? Are there any masterpieces of contemporary art? In this country or this region – or the whole world? Is there an artist living in our country, region or nation today that we can call great, just as we say Michelangelo, Rembrandt, van Gogh or Matisse are “great”? How good are the art and artists of our time? Will they be remembered in the future? Professor Godfrey will discuss what “masterpiece” or being a great artist may mean today. He will look at works both made globally and in South-east Asia.

1:00 PM • Art in the Community • This panel turns its attention to art beyond galleries and museums and looks at projects that purposefully insert themselves into the physical spaces communities, confronting audiences with art in public places. The panel features visual artist and Project Space Pilipinas founder Leslie de Chavez; visual artist and curator of 98B COLLABoratory Marika Constantino; and urban planner and MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations Julia Nebrija

3:00 PM • Focus on the Visayas: VIVA ExCon

Established in 1990 by artists from Negros, The Visayan Islands Visual Arts Exhibit Conference (VIVA ExCon) is the is the largest and longest running arts festival in the country. Charlie Co one of its founders will talk about its origins and history while Rock Drilon, VivaExCon 2016 Director will focus on the recently concluded Biennial. It is a chance to get a glimpse of the vibrant art world outside of Manila hopefully expanding audiences understanding of Philippine contemporary art beyond the country’s capital.

5:00 PM • Philippine Art and Biennales

How is Philippine art presented internationally? What kind of art is chosen by curators to “represent” the country in the international platforms such as biennials? Joselina Cruz, curator of the Philippine Pavillion for the 2017 Venice Biennale and Joyce Toh curator of the 2016 Singapore Biennale give us an insight into their own processes and selections.

* * *

For information on Art Fair Philippines 2017, visit www.artfairphilippines.comwww.facebook/artfairph, @artfairph on Instagram and Twitter, or contact

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