15 words with The Tide

California-based band The Tide will be playing in Manila for the first time tonight at the MOA Arena. They’re sharing a concert with British foursome The Vamps and American pop-rock trio Before You Exit, both of which had sold-out gigs here last year. We had 15 minutes to get to know this new band and here are the 15 words that stood out:

1. CALIFORNIA-COOL — The vibe they’d like to produce in their songs. “We’re staying in LA, we’ve done our writing there,” The Tide explained, “we want to grasp that feeling, that whole California kind of cool — the beach thing.”

2. PENNY BOARD — The most awesome gift they received from a fan from Singapore. You know what to do, guys — better top that one.

3. PRESSURE — What they don’t feel in creating an album. “We’re just really excited to get it out there because we’re really eager to let the fans know what The Tide sounds like,” they said. The feeling is mutual, eh?

4. MICHAEL JACKSON — An artist they would like to raise from the dead to collaborate with. Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain also made the shortlist.


5. THE KILLERS — One of their musical influences. They also listen to a lot of The 1975 and Coldplay. “We have a rock ‘n’ roll core in all of us,” they shared and added that they’re starting to form their own unique sound, which is exciting for them.

6. HOLLYWOOD — Where they might end up if they weren’t musicians. They’re good-looking boys and they’ve had acting experiences, from joining high school theater to doing commercials.

7. FINDING NEMO — The Disney Land ride where one of the members of The Tide did a voice-over as a fish.

8. YOUTUBE — Where they got discovered. Though they’ve been a band and good friends for while, it wasn’t until they uploaded cover songs on YouTube that people started taking notice.

9. JUMP — What they want to see you do tonight. Here’s a threat from them: “If you’re not on your feet, we’re pulling you out of your seat.”

10. LIVE — How The Tide wants you to experience their music. The band claims to be highly energetic and aims to be known as the band defined by their live shows. After tonight, tell us what you think.

11. STOKED — How they’re feeling about the Manila concert. They received the word about the Philippines having the craziest crowd in the world. “We’re stoked to play,” they shared. Don’t let them down, people.

12. ARNEL PINEDA — Someone they’d like to meet. The band’s a big Journey fan and have exchanged tweets with Arnel Pineda. “We hope he’s in town, it’d be awesome to meet him,” they said.

13. ITINERARY — What the band needs right now. “We’re open to suggestions,” said The Tide. “We’ve never been here so we hope to see as much as we can.”

14. TOES — The body part the boys scrutinize upon encounter with the opposite sex. Okay girls, listen up. Here’s what they’re looking for in a girl: nice toes, someone who shares their musical taste, and funny.

15. SOUTH PARK — A TV show they like to watch. As an inside joke, the band does a Cartman chant before each show.

(Photos  by MIKE REBUYAS)

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