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Noche Buena 101: A Christmas Ham Cheat Sheet

Ham, the perfect centerpiece of every Christmas feast is no doubt at the top of everyone’s shopping list. But with all the delightful offerings on the menu, just which one is the best for you and your family?

To cut through the confusion, we’ve narrowed down your options to King Sue Ham’s favorites—here are our recommendations based on tenderness, aroma, and of course, flavor.

A Show-Stopping Centerpiece: The Bone-In Chinese Ham

As far as Christmas spreads go, King Sue Ham’s signature Bone-in Chinese Ham is an impressive, coveted centerpiece. Following the handcrafted recipe from King Sue Ham’s founder Mr. Cu Un Kay, it is made from premium hind leg infused with select spices and seasonings, and smoked to divine perfection. Today, the Chinese Ham is recognized as the gold standard for any festive celebration where ham is the show-stopping centerpiece. Available in 2kg to 3.5kg weight range.

Premium Christmas Delights: Piña Ham

Infusing the traditional smoked flavors King Sue Ham is known for, the Piña Hamis is made from whole “Pigue” that is brine-cured for a few days and then cut and placed inside a net used to hang the hams during the long smoking process. No shortcuts. Only the best. Certainly a gift to impress. King Sue Piña Ham is available in 1.0kg and 800g, while it is being offered in special cuts such as: 1.2kg / 1.5kg / 2kg / 2.5kg (for special orders).

Hearty Essentials: Sweet Ham

There’s no going wrong with a sensational combination of brine and glaze, mingling harmoniously to create the distinct flavor of King Sue’s Sweet Ham. The versatility of this product, available in 800g and 1kg packs, is what makes it shine. Delivering a savory experience with every bite, it’s also ideal for making sliders or roll-ups, topping up grazing boxes, or making satisfying sandwiches for your holiday parties.

Explore our options of delicious ham and you’ll be sure to enjoy a Christmas feast to remember. You can order directly via SMS or Viber: 09437082018 or 09175949143.

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