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TRIZIE Collagen Plus lets you say ‘no’ to UGH days

You probably already know how great collagen is for your skin. As one of the most abundant proteins in your body, it’s what makes your skin bouncy, smooth, and glowing! But once you reach 20, your body starts to lose 1% of collagen every year. This, plus environmental factors, like the sun, pollution, lack of sleep, genetics, and lifestyle, is what leads to sagging skin that loses definition and firmness.

Though certain topical skincare ingredients can boost collagen production, the best thing you can do to get the skin you’ve always wanted (or miss) is to consume collagen. Lean cuts of meat, fish, and bone broths are just a few of the ways you can “eat” more collagen. But if you don’t eat this type of food often, collagen supplements are your best friend.

Collagen supplements often come in a powdered version you can easily add to your coffee or smoothies to boost your body’s collagen and help it produce more for better skin quality. However, typical collagen powders only contain a small portion of collagen, the rest are fillers and sugar. This is why TRIZIE created Collagen Plus so you can easily up your collagen intake every day in a simple, yet delicious, elixir of youth!

Reach your skin goals

TRIZIE Collagen Plus is unlike typical collagen powders; while most powdered formulas only contain a small amount of collagen, Collagen Plus has 2x more! Collagen Plus is made with 9,500 mg of Fish Collagen Peptide from Japan to help maintain your youthful skin. When consumed, it not only helps hydrate and moisturize your skin but also benefits your joints too.

Because TRIZIE knows that collagen works well with other skincare powerhouses, it supercharged its Collagen Plus with YOUTHBOOSTERS—a proprietary blend of skin-loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 (or Niacinamide), and CoQ10 to aid in increasing your skin’s hydration levels, glow, and protection from free radicals. With just one glass of Collagen Plus every day, you can help unlock your skin goals in 21 days: hydrated, bouncier, brighter, and more glowing!

Don’t forget about your gut

Since your gut and skin are connected through the Gut-Skin Axis, Collagen Plus will aid your gut to perform at its best since a healthy gut helps better absorb collagen and other nutrients for maximum effectiveness! With SYNbiotics—a combination of probiotics and prebiotics—it makes the millions of microorganisms that live in your gut happy and balanced so they can get to work aiding your digestion. This potent combination also helps regularly detox your body of toxins and chemicals that may cause skin dullness and other issues.

The most delicious collagen drink ever

Worried about a fishy after-taste that’s common in other collagen supplement drinks? Not with this one! TRIZIE Collagen Plus has a Strawberry flavor and contains Lychee Seed Extract (which is also responsible for its pretty pink color), making it taste like a yummy sweet juice that will instantly refresh you! And while you can take it any time of the day, it’s recommended you drink Collagen Plus on an empty stomach—before eating—so your body fully absorbs it.

* * *

TRIZIE Collagen Plus (P1,295/1 box of 5; P2,495/1 box of 10) is available online via Lazada, Shopee, BeautyMNL, and BFF Manila. Purchase it during the 10.10 Sale at Lazada and Shopee for up to 16% OFF the 10-day pack. For more information,

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