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Design Center of the Philippines promotes Filipino-made products in Japan

The ASEAN-Japan Centre (AJC), Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), and the Design Center of the Philippines (DCP) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote cooperation and collaboration in the field of design promotion. This MoU will enable mutual recognition to exist between Japan’s and the Philippines’ design award mechanisms, thus creating business partnership opportunities between Japanese and Filipino designers to produce products/services that will drive industrial growth and enrich people’s lives.

In FY2017, the AJC launched a two-year regional program entitled “ASEAN Design Selection” in collaboration with JDP’s annual Good Design Award. The objective of the program was to promote creative industries in ASEAN by reinstating products and services with “good design” as well as a positive social impact. ASEAN’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) that participated in this program were also able to enhance their products and services marketability to meet the Japanese consumers’ preferences and forge collaboration with Japanese companies. 

In FY2018, 22 products/services out of a total of 261 ASEAN applicants from 10 ASEAN Member States were awarded the Good Design Award: ASEAN Design Selection and showcased in Tokyo, Japan. Out of 22 products/services, which were awarded, four (4) were from the Philippines; Bambino by Bambike, SALt Lamp by SALt, Banana Stalk Wallpaper by Red Palm Ventures, and the Social Tourism platform by Make a Difference (MAD) Travel.

The AJC recognizes that creative industries are increasingly becoming an important economic growth engine in ASEAN. As part of the AJC’s commitment to promoting exports from ASEAN to Japan, it will continue to support the Philippines in establishing a collaborative program between DCP (GDA PH) and G Mark, while promoting Filipino products and services in Japan.

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