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WATCH: Our favorite trailers from SDCC 2019

Continuing the trend of unveiling new material at the annual pop culture and geek fest that is San Diego Comic-Con, big-name studios and streaming services alike have released new trailers and exclusive footage for the convention’s attendees.

From new movies about demonic clowns and rampaging machines, to more family-friendly fare about mystical dimensions and sentient gemstones, here are some of our favorites:



Warner Bros. released the final trailer for IT CHAPTER TWO, the highly-anticipated second chapter in the adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel. 

The film, set 27 years after the first film, will follow a grown-up version of the Losers’ Club, who are placed in a terrifying rematch with the evil Pennywise back in their hometown.

IT: CHAPTER TWO will arrive in theaters on September 6th.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


Another trailer that greeted this year’s Comic-Con attendees was the trailer for another entry to the celebrated cult favorite View Askewniverse film franchise.

The cameo-filled film will see Jay and Silent Bob traversing the United States, in an attempt to prevent an ill-advised reboot of Bluntman and Chronic — first explored in the 2001 comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back — from becoming a reality.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will arrive in theaters on October 15th.

Terminator: Dark Fate


Director Tim Miller surprised fans at Comic-Con when he debuted new footage from his R-rated take on the beloved sci-fi franchise. 

Following the tepid reception of the recent Terminator sequels and spinoffs, as well as the reversal of its rights back to original creator James Cameron, Miller rebooted the franchise, with the director describing the upcoming Dark Fate as a direct sequel to the classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Fan favorites Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Edward Furlong are all set to reprise their iconic roles as the titular Terminator, Sarah Connor, and John Connor, alongside franchise newcomer Mackenzie Davis.

Terminator: Dark Fate will arrive in theaters on November 1st, 2019.

The Witcher


Fantasy buffs and geeks alike rejoiced after Netflix revealed the first trailer for its sprawling fantasy series The Witcher

The show — directly based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series instead of the popular video game series —  will star Henry Cavill as Geralt, a Witcher who encounters a sorceress named Yennefer and a mysterious young girl named Ciri.

The Witcher premieres on Netflix on late 2019.

His Dark Materials


Fans and viewers itching to fill the large void left by the conclusion of Game of Thrones were treated to a sneak peek at HBO’s adaptation of Philip Pullman’s adventure-fantasy classic book series His Dark Materials.

Set in an alternative world where all humans have animal companions called dæmons, which are the manifestation of the human soul, the series stars Logan’s Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, The Wire‘s Clarke Peters, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

His Dark Materials premieres on Autumn 2019 in the United States.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


Following its unveiling of the Witcher series, Netflix offered another sneak preview of its prequel to the 1982 cult hit Dark Crystal, which counts actors Helena Bonham Carter, Mark Hamill, Keegan-Michael Key, Andy Samberg, Sigourney Weaver, Taron Egerton, Awkwafina and Lena Heady among the voice actors in its all-star cast.

The new clip shows a behind-the-scenes look at the world of Thra and the puppets used in the new fantasy series, which build on the original puppets and animatronics created by the legendary Jim Henson and Frank Oz team-up back in the ‘80s. 

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will premiere on August 30th, 2019.

Steven Universe Movie


Fans still reeling from the Season 5 finale of beloved cartoon series Steven Universe were also treated to the premiere of the first trailer for its upcoming full-length film.

Produced by Cartoon Network Studios and directed by show creator Rebecca Sugar, the film takes place two years after the events of the show’s season 5 finale, “Change Your Mind,” and will focus on the appearance of a new, sinister, Gem out to sap the life force of all organic life on Earth.

Similar to the original series, the film will be in a musical format, and will feature musical collaborations with artists such as Chance the Rapper, Gallant, James Fauntleroy, Macie Stewart, Mike Krol, Ted Leo, Jeff Ball, and Julian “Zorsy” Sanchez.

Steven Universe: The Movie will premiere on Cartoon Network on September 2nd.



Horror fans will have something to look forward to when the series adaptation of George A. Romero’s 1982 horror hit Creepshow makes its way to streaming service Shudder this year.

Executive produced by The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero, the anthology series will feature 12 stories — including one by original writer Stephen King — spread across six episodes, and will be helmed by directors David Bruckner, Roxanne Benjamin, Rob Schrab, John Harrison, Greg Nicotero, and Tom Savini.

Creepshow will debut on the subscription streaming platform Sept 26th.

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