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Have you tried Yellow Cab’s pizza-and-beer pairings?

Yellow Cab introduces three new Dear Darla specialty hand-rolled pizzas.

• NYU Margherita, made with tangy tomatoes and imported mozzarella cheese drizzled
with olive oil. Load it with fresh basil leaves for that pop of flavor.
• Chicken Corona, made with Southwestern style tender strips of chicken. Load it with
iceberg, romaine lettuce, and a squeeze of lime juice for that Tex-Mex punch.
• Prosciutto Ham, made with prosciutto ham, fresh tomatoes, caramelized onions, and
cheese. Load it with arugula and alfalfa sprouts for that mouthful of freshness.

What makes Dear Darla one-of- a-kind is its unique dining experience done in three steps: LOAD IT with refreshing greens, ROLL IT with your hands, and EAT IT to satisfy your hunger! Taking it a step further, Yellow Cab has carefully curated beer pairings that best match each of the new Dear Darla flavors – NYU Margherita Darla + Peroni sourced directly from Italy, Chicken Corona Darla + Corona, and Prosciutto Ham Darla + Stella Artois.

“At Yellow Cab, we believe that greatness starts with being hungry, which is why we’re always
finding unique ways to fuel people’s hunger,” said Mark De Joya, Brand Development Director
of Yellow Cab Pizza Co. “The lightness of the greens paired with the various beer flavors provide just the right balance – perfect to fuel the working girls’ hustle by capping off the day with a girls’ night out; because the hungry never stops rollin’.” adds Elise Veloso, Senior Marketing Manager of Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

Enjoy Yellow Cab’s iconic Dear Darla Pizza and beer pairings to fuel your hunger to conquer the daily grind. Dear Darla regular pizza is priced at P395. Also available is the OG Darla and Roasted Garlic and Ricotta Darla. Customers must be 18 years old and above to avail of alcoholic beverages. Drink responsibly.

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