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Post-mortem with Aidan Gillen in ‘The Game Revealed’

Helen Sloan – HBO

In the final episode of Game of Thrones Season 7, Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish gets the surprise of his life. In previous episodes, he is seen planting evidence against Sansa for Arya to find, while convincing Sansa that Arya is out to “harm” her. Turning sister against sister is his forte, as Sansa pointed out in a brutal yet utterly satisfying scene that gave viewers the true Arya-Sansa reunion that they wanted (not that awkward tunnel scene), and the Littlefinger karma that, frankly, took way too long to arrive. Nevertheless, it was EVERYTHING. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. 


AIDAN GILLEN: I thought a character like that would definitely have to have it coming, and that the audience would expect it — given that when you analyze it, most of the chaos that’s enveloped this world, he has had a hand in. Even just specific single acts like the betrayal of Ned Stark. Or the murder of Lysa Arryn. Dontos [Hollard] was a character that people really liked, he was Sansa’s ally you know, and Littlefinger did for him too… there’s been so many despicable things. So the convention says this guy has to get his come-uppance. Now this show doesn’t always look at conventions, in fact one of its stances is that it avoids conventions entirely. But Littlefinger is not stupid enough to think that it’ll last forever. As he says to Robyn Arryn in Season 4, people die all the time. They die at the kitchen table; they die sitting on their chamber pots. The important thing is to live your life you know, because you’re here once. So he’s had a good run but we’d still like to think that when it happens it’s a bolt from the blue for the audience. I wasn’t surprised but I think were.

Helen Sloan – HBO


* * *

For GAME OF THRONES fans who are still dissecting and debating the major developments of season seven after the dramatic finale, HBO has released THE GAME REVEALED, a new post-season, behind-the-scenes series. The seven-part series features exclusive interviews with cast and crew that provide new info and insights on how some of the biggest moments from the latest season of the HBO series came together. The first episode of THE GAME REVEALED is now available on HBO Asia’s Facebook page, and fans. Subsequent episodes will stream on HBO GO every Wednesday fromSeptember 6 onwards.

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