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Meet SM Youth ambassadors Macauly Lofgren and Erika Kristensen

From the thousands who auditioned online, to the top 50, down to the 14 finalists, only two were hailed as winners of the second season of the SM Youth Go-See – Macauly Lofgren and Erika Kristensen.

For weeks, they’ve surpassed challenge after challenge — from styling themselves in their own fashion shows, posing with a snake for a high fashion shoot to producing their own campaigns aimed to empower the Filipino youth, Macauly and Erika have shown that they have what it takes to be the latest SM Youth ambassadors.

Erika Kristensen

“The past few weeks have been an incredible journey. To me this has always been more than a competition, this truly was an opportunity to reach out and inspire the youth. What I didn’t expect was to be inspired by all of you — my family, friends, supporters, and fans I made along the way. I truly am so grateful for all the support you have given me. As I begin my journey as the next SM Youth ambassador I hope this inspires you all to never give up on your dreams. I am so glad to be a part of not just a brand but a family that is more than an audience to change, a family that instigates change. Remember, always aspire to inspire until you expire,” shares Macauly Lofgren.

Macauly Lofgren

Erika Kristensen adds, “I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for everyone who supported me all throughout. All your comments, messages, shares, hashtags and likes motivated me to get through. I just had one goal in mind, and that was to inspire and hopefully I was able to do that. Being the newest SM Youth ambassador is very humbling but I also know it is a responsibility.  Not only do I have to carry the brand and what it stands for but also to use myself as an instrument of inspiration and positive change. I’m more than excited to fulfill that in this new chapter as an ambassador!”

SM Youth Go-See continues to be the biggest youth talent search digital reality show in the country with over 10 million impressions online.


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