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STAYING IN: 5 Vice mini-documentaries to keep you busy, disturbed, and more aware


It comes with the territory that ‘staying in’ is code for wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket, turning up that aircon, hoarding copious amounts of junk food, and Netflix. It’s become a norm for humans to reward oneself with weekly lethargy after a tiring day of work – but let’s face it, compared to your ka-barkadas spending their night at a wine tasting party or cycling class…yours might not cut it in terms of #adulting. And while all preferences of media should be respected and you could be binging the re-boot of Gilmore Girls or maybe even Spongebob Squarepants season 2 – snooty twenty-somethings still give you flack for consuming such “juvenile” media.

Fortunately, there will be no compromise. See, documentaries aren’t totally boring – in the realm of Vice documentaries, at least. Vice was first established in 1996 as government-funded magazine on contemporary culture, but soon it ventured into the gritty media company it is today with channels like Munchies, i-D, and VICELAND on HBO. They’re known for their bizarre and shocking deliveries of investigative journalism; ranging from Making The World’s First Sex Doll to The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia. It’s both interesting and a way to stay informed on the lesser known issues and phenomena of the world. So whip out that bottle of red wine *cough* it’s actually Zesto *cough* get that fancy cheese out, and plug in your laptop cause you’re in for an adult’s version of binge-watching!

  1. Vice Guide to Travel: North Korea 

  1. We Went To Gay Conversion Therapy Camp 

  1. i-D’s Street, Sound, and Style a history on British Style Tribes


  1. Hong Kong Tattoo Legend: VICE INTL (China)

  1. Human Safari: Observing the Jarawa 

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