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These students designed this year’s best sofas

If it were up to Ikea, we’d all be making our own sofa beds, picking up nuts and bolts and sweating over instruction manuals before we can even commence with Netflix and Chill. Luckily for the discerning sofa-sitter, we have furniture designers who not only build the sofa for us, they also think about aesthetics, ergonomics, and human wants and needs.

Six groups of interior and industrial design students were recently chosen as the top picks among several entries from top design schools for the Sofabed Design Competition, organized by CLC Marketing Ventures Corporation. CLC is a leader in providing the market with furniture solutions for 35 years. This year, it introduces a new brand, The Sofabed Specialist. The competition is for young designers to showcase their skills and build their concepts into actual furniture. The six will compete for the top prize.

Jerinae Chua Ching, Kristine Tiu-Oyek, Sarah Salvador, and Jen See-Sohu, Philippine School of Interior Design

The group was inspired to team up in creating design solutions that are not only stylish but are also completely functional. Their concept, Catalyst, is an interpretation of Art Deco design and material finishes, transforming their sofabed into a work of art, blending aesthetics with functionality.

Patricia J. Buendia, University of Santo Tomas

Patricia J. Buendia, is a third year interior design student who has always been fond of beautiful interiors even when she was still a kid. Her concept, the Verho Sofa Bed offers style, comfort, and convenience, especially to those who own a small flat, studio, or apartment. It folds out to two twin beds or adjustable lounge that can be joined together to form a larger bed. It converts not only into a bed but another type of seating furniture as well, depending on how its future owners would want it to be in their spaces.

Geonelle Anne Lim Ong, University of Sto. Tomas

Geonelle Anne Lim Ong’s Flick Sofa bed concept is inspired by the urban lifestyle that surrounds her. As the name of the concept connotes, meaning “sharp movement,” it uses the efficient click-clack system that transforms the sofa bed into a bed or a lounge, depending on one’s preference, without exerting too much effort. Thus, giving its users a quick way to relax and rest.

Marc Leo C. Dolotina, Industrial Design, University of the Philippines – Diliman

Marc Leo C. Dolotina grew up appreciating art since he was a child. He has been active in participating in both local and international design competitions to further his skills. With his experience in joining these competitions and a very Filipino concept design, he aspires to represent Filipino culture through his piece, Ilala. The word is the Tagalog term for weaving, a tradition that is prevalent in almost every island in the Philippines. Incorporating these indigenous designs to innovative lighting and metal framing delivers a message of how Filipinos could move forward and advance, without disregarding Filipino traditions.

Ivan Cedric Fabia, Mapua Institute of Technology

For Ivan Cedric Fabia, art is more than just an expression of craftsmanship and regards it a piece of his life. His dream is to make a global impact through design featuring Filipino craftsmanship and artistry. And with his XED Sofa Bed concept, winning the competition could just be a start of bigger steps in reaching his dream. His concept is compact in design but could give the utmost comfort that a person could feel, upon sitting or sleeping on the sofa bed.

Stanley Richard Angsanto, Mapua Institute of Technology

Stanley Richard Angsanto loves creating simple yet captivating designs with purpose. He firmly believes that “form follows function” as Louis Sullivan once said. Without it, there would be no purpose for a design. With his concept called “Prism” he created a sofa bed that is not just a sofa bed, but also serves like an art piece in a gallery as he played with geometric forms to alter the sofabed’s basic structure. His design also aims to give maximum comfort and relaxation, while providing compartments for organization.

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