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Korean artist Kim Ki-Min makes adorable figures inspired by nature

Harbour Art Fair in Harbour City Hong Kong presents solo exhibitions of four Korean artists including KIM Dea-Sung, KWON Dae-Hun, KIM Ki-Min, and CHOI Sung-Chul. Mall visitors will have a chance to appreciate their artworks for free till March 28.

At Atrium I, young Korean artist Kim Ki-Min will be presenting his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Living in a small town by the sea, Kim is very fond of the nature and values interpersonal communication. He is keen on exploring the relationship between human and environment through creating human figurines. These figurines are either sitting on or petting an animal, showing the artist’s love and care for the nature and environment. It is not hard to discover different elements of nature such as bamboos, shells, sand and stones in his works. Audience can pay special attention to the eyes of these figurines. Wherever you stand, they are still staring right into your eyes! These figurines do not only draw the attention of the audience, but also bring an awakening message to remind us about the importance of environmental protection.

Born in 1983, Kim Ki-Min graduated from the Wonkwang University and completed a master’s degree at the Sungshin Women’s Univeristy. His works have been shown at Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong, Korean International Art Fair, Doors Art Fair in Seoul, and Worlds Apart Art Fair in Singapore.

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