What’s up with Alt-J’s 00110011 01110111 0111 0111?


English band Alt-J is on the road to becoming the next Radiohead, if only for their level of cryptic-ness (and love binary code) alone. They recently teased a their new album with a video for new music, which fans-slash-Internet-sleuths have deduced as containing images from Japanese cult classic videogame LSD Dream Emulator.

Fans also found that the song’s title is binary code for “3WW,” which does not appear to mean anything except in the context of another product of further sleuthing: a Japanese iTunes listing of a new album that comes out in June, containing a song of the same title.

CoS found the album’s tracklist:

Relaxer Tracklist:
01. 3WW
02. In Cold Blood
03. House of the Rising Sun
04. Hit Me Like That Snare
05. Deadcrush
06. Adeline
07. Last Year
08. Pleader

One fan noted: “They’re back and as pretentious as ever. Love it.” Pretentious or not, the music on the preview is really what it is — a big bad teaser, not even looped to sustain us till June. In the meantime, here it is.