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Artist pays homage to David Bowie with empowering comic strip

We miss David Bowie, so much so that we continue search for breadcrumbs in the product of his last creative birthing, “Black Star.” Artist Gavin Aung Than addresses — and appeases — our sadness with something positive: a mini comic strip in which the Starman urges us to soldier on. Planet Earth is blue, now that’s something we all can do.

In his website, Than writes on “Go A Little Further”:

Bowie would continue to ‘go a little further’ for the rest of his career. Always exploring new arenas and never staying still, whether it be in music, film, fashion or art. Even suffering from the cancer that he knew would end his life, he worked on the off-broadway musical Lazarus (which initially was meant to involve aliens, fake Bob Dylan songs and Mariachi music … wait, what? Here’s a great article explaining it) and sang with a jazz ensemble on his final bittersweet album Blackstar. Bowie always made sure his feet were not quite touching the bottom, and that’s why we love him.


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