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More than meets the eye: 15 things we discovered about Colton Haynes

colton-haynes-asiapop-comiconThe first thing we can confirm is, yes, Arrow and Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes is one good-looking fella. We were about three meters away from him during his AsiaPOP Comicon 2015 roundtable interview and his charm could not be denied. But beyond his looks, we learned that this young man is serious about his craft, has a good sense of humor, and is human after all, with all his dreams and flaws — which he candidly talked about. Here are a few more things we thought you’d like to know about TV’s Arsenal:

1. He will never eat balut. He enjoys Filipino food and has in fact tried longganisa, sinigang and bistek, but before anyone can ask, he says with conviction, “I’m not gonna do balut. There’s no way.”

2. He’s bad with numbers. So the guy has flaws after all. Colton confesses that he failed Algebra 1 in high school and still doesn’t know how to do division on paper. And since he gets the hang of divulging his shortcomings, we also learn that he’s having trouble recalling the hue of chartreuse and that he can’t cook. But seriously, do all these matter? We love him no less.

3. He finds helicopters beautiful. Well, he finds helicopter rides beautiful. It’s a great way to see the city. Plus, going around Manila without the traffic is pretty darn lovely.

4. He loves Filipinos. He’s been very good friends with Pinoys in the States (shout out to you, Travis) and finds the ladies, in his words, “incredibly sweet, have a beautiful smile, and are very engaging.” He adds how he appreciates that we’re into conversations and not just sticking our noses on our phones.

5. He checks his social media. Fangirls and fanboys rejoice! It really is Colton behind his social media accounts. He remembers websites that tweet him and tries to like and comment back as much as he can.

6. He doesn’t have haters. A least not a lot. He is very grateful to everyone for not being mean to him on social media. “Social media is great outlet to speak your mind and I luckily not have a lot of haters,” he shares. “It makes me feel really good.” Well who could hate a talented and all-around nice guy?

7. He loves fast food. Honestly, don’t we all? It’s hard to say no to those burgers. (We’re looking at you, McDonald’s and Burger King.)

8. He likes biking and tennis. To make up for all those burgers he’s eaten, he plays tennis, runs, and bikes — though he thinks he could be better at it.


9. He’s very gracious. We cannot stress how gracious he is during the interview. He is genuinely nice to everyone, even to someone who asks for a selfie. And he even sings a duet with one of the members of the press! Fun times.

10. He’s enamored of Taylor Swift. Yup, he’s just like one of those million other guys who’ve gone under Tay’s spell. He loves her songwriting and finds her extremely talented and lovely.

11. He’s born to be an actor. “Acting has always been a goal,” he shares and adds that he wanted to study theater. We think there’s still time to do that and we can’t wait to see more of him on the screen.

12. Arsenal’s butt is not Colton’s butt. Does that make sense? His Arsenal outfit comes with a superhero rump. “If you put on a costume like that, you look like a badass and you don’t have to act. You just look so cool. They gave me this amazing butt. It’s nice to look good and feel good and not try so hard,” the actor says.

13. He’s scared he won’t rock a dress as well as Felicity. We highly doubt it, Colton. We’re sure you can rock a dress as much as you can rock that Arrow suit! Prove it to us next year!

14. He relates with Roy Harper. Of all the characters he’s played, Colton identifies the most with Roy — when he’s being nice. “I don’t think I’m catty,” he says and we believe him.

15. You will see him again on Arrow. If there’s only one thing you need to know about Mr. Colton Haynes, this should be it. Colton just finished filming “a very sad movie,” so sad that, “if this movie comes out, you’re gonna cry your eyes out” (Colton’s words); then he’ll do two more projects. And after much hesitation, Colton finally drops it: “You will definitely see me back on Arrow and possibly a few other of those shows.”

(Photos by MIKE REBUYAS)

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